Welcome to Crumbs by Collette

This is where I provide you with some info about who I am and why James and I have decided to embark upon this little baking adventure…

The Crumbs by Collette Aim:

The simple aim from the outset has been to get more people baking!


Sharing my love of baking by baking as much as I can and creating products that will hopefully inspire a few other people along a baking journey too! Baking with friends and family can be even more fun; there are definitely some amazing memories to be made together (some of these plans are sadly paused in the current situation).


There are so many ways to get into baking, whether you start small and simple, or dive in for an impressive complex recipe – there is quite literally a perfect first bake for everyone.


I’ve found the journey so far to be a fun adventure, one where I have inevitably made some errors, but I’ve learned so much, which has provided a real sense of accomplishment!


I’m really lucky that I’ve been able to rope James into helping make my aim a reality.  We have been designing and creating products, predominantly scratch off posters, for the past two years.  We’ve had some important goals in mind for Crumbs by Collette:


  • Reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible – we’ve selected packaging that is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. We’ve also only used biodegradable (and food safe) PLA filament in our 3D printers, biodegradable stickers and bags, and the eucalyptus in our coasters in sustainably sourced.
  • Support other small businesses – as a small business ourselves we recognize the challenges that this brings, if we can help out a fellow small business by using their services or buying their products, then that is what we’re doing.
  • Support the UK economy – we’re aware that we could get some of our products manufactured and shipped to us from overseas at a lower cost than producing them in the UK, but we want to do all we can to support the economy in our country. Our posters have all been printed here in the UK and all of our packaging and stationery have been purchased from UK suppliers.

Hello everyone – Collette here…

I’ve been baking for many years, mainly around birthdays – I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! Well truth is, I love any excuse for a celebration as celebration = cake! My hobby turned into a real passion a couple of years ago, I’d finished some academic study and as a big fan of learning, I turned my hand to a more creative learning endeavour. I found baking to be very therapeutic, it continues to be a welcome change from my busy 9-5 job in HR.

James, Co-founder and Technical Director of Crumbs by Collette

Hi, I’m James

As an engineer and minor computer geek, my natural place in Crumbs by Collette is in the technical weeds. This has been the ideal opportunity for me to get to grips with prototyping using CAD and 3D printing, as well as some basic web design – and having a girlfriend who bakes gives me another role as taste tester…

As featured on Side Hustle School…

We’ve been featured on an international podcast! Check out Episode 1333 here for our segment, and follow Side Hustle School for all of serial entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau’s tips on starting your own part-time business.