Calling all bakers! Join me on the 100 Bakes Challenge: my quest to conquer 100 classic baking recipes from the UK and all around the world!

We’ve deliberately picked a variety of bakes to cover lots and lots of techniques – I’m hoping that together we can all improve our baking skills and knowledge. And maybe eat some delicious baked goods we’ve never tried before…

You’ll find the 100 Bakes Scratch Off Poster in our shop, so grab one for yourself (or a friend) and join in!

Collette’s Progress

Follow my journey @crumbsbycollette and share your own bakes and experiences!

FInished at last! All 100 scratched off

Hall of Fame

Get in touch and show off your completed poster – we’ll link it to your social media so you can share your own journey with the whole baking community!

Congratulations to LW Bakes (@bakes_lw) for being the first on the 100 Bakes Hall of Fame!